Do you need an architect to design a house?

It is not necessary to employ an architect to design a home.  That said if you have a challenging site or you just want something with extra wow factor, an architect might be for you.  Otherwise you could use a building designer.  Many people choose the route of selecting a standard project builder’s house plan and making changes to suit themselves.  However, be aware that project builders often charge hefty fees for each change made, which can make this option expensive. 

Custom home builders will build exactly the home you want without compromises.  While luxury home builders take the build up a notch to build you a sublime home.  Custom houses have everything you want – you can include a hidden safe, sauna, home theatre or whatever your heart desires.  When it comes to choosing between renovating an old house or building a perfect new house – there’s no decision.  There is nothing quite like new build homes – especially one of your own design.