Can I design my own house to build?

You can definitely draw out the design you want for your home.  However, you will need the services of an architect or draftsperson to draw up your plans.  They will put your plans into a form suitable for council approval and also construction plans. 

Custom home builders often have staff available to help you through this process.  Builders Brisbane are familiar with the process involved in getting your plans from your note pad to your building pad.  You can build a house to your exact standards and take on new design ideas to take it up a notch.  When you build your own design, you can incorporate design aspects that suit your family.  Maybe you want an ensuite for each bedroom. 

Perhaps you want to futureproof the home by adding a downstairs bedroom with ensuite for when you are older.  Perhaps a full-on home theatre is your dream.  Maybe you want an indoor pool.  Whatever your house design, with the right budget, it can be made a reality.